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Getting Started
Getting started playing Noodle tracks is easy. First, sign up for an account, then download and install the player on your computer, and finally connect the player to your account and get some tracks to play. The whole process, including downloads, should only take about ten minutes if you've got a broadband internet connection (though the downloads will take about forty minutes if you're using a modem). All you need to do is follow the steps below.

 Getting an account

Step 3 : download Noodle Player


You're not currently logged in. That's fine, You can still download the player. But remember that you will need to sign up for an account before you can use the Noodle Player. Click here to get an account, if you don't already have one.

You need to download and install the Noodle Player onto your computer before you can play Noodle Tracks.

To start downloading the player click one of the links below to go to the relevant download page for your computer.

Macintosh OSXWindows
System Requirements :

Mac OSX 10.2 or newer. 128mb Ram.
800mhz G3 or faster recommended.

Windows 98 or newer, 128mb Ram.
1Ghz or faster recommended.

Playing your first track


The Noodle Player needs to be connected to your Noodle Heaven account, so that it can know which tracks you own. So, the first time you run the program you'll need to fill in your email address and click the big button in the center of the screen. Your computer will connect to the internet and ask you for the password to your account. If you're using your own computer you should probably choose to register it as a "home" machine at this point - that way you won't have to dial up and enter your password everytime you want to play.


Once you've connected to your Noodle heaven account you should see a list of the Noodle tracks available. The track called "The Tower that Ate People" by Peter Gabriel is free to download and play straight away, just click on its' icon to start the process. The track will automatically download onto your machine. In order to play a Noodle track you need to "unlock" it first. This first track is free, but to unlock other tracks you'll need to buy them or have some other means of unlocking them - for instance some tracks can be unlocked for free if you own a particular CD or DVD.


Once you've downloaded a track all you need to do is click on its' icon in the track listing and it will start playing. Each track may play in a completely different way from other tracks, but the first time you play a track it will show a demo of how to play it - you can access the demo again at any time by selecting "help" from the track menu.