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noodle heaven

Noodle Heaven is a platform for interactive music.

latest noodle news

It's a free party from now on.
We've always wanted as many people as possible to be able to play our stuff - that's why we do this - but the money we get from the sale of tracks only covers a small percentage of our hosting costs. We can't afford to work full time on developing Noodle and making tracks, so we've just decided to take a leap of faith and release all our existing tracks for free. As always, we're indebted to the generosity of Peter Gabriel and Realworld for agreeing to let us do this. I personally would like to thank Tree, Tom Riley, Richard Evans, Cesare Ferrari and all the other's who've worked on Noodle over the years for their dedication and commitment. We've no idea where we're going to go from here, but we hope you enjoy the ride.

The Noodle Heaven servers are finally running properly again after our big move. We've very sorry for the amount of time we were offline, which was due to unforeseen the complexities of changing servers, upgrading software and moving IP addresses all at the same time. Yes, in hindsight it probably was a little rash.

Please bear with us.
We have been having some difficulties during the transition to our new servers. You may find problems connecting to NoodleHeaven until we fix the issue. We apologise for the hassle.

Planned Maintenance
Noodle Heaven will be offline for several hours on Monday or Tuesday the 28th and 29th of November 2005. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you - we're upgrading our servers and moving them to a new location.

payment system maintenance
Our payment systems are currently shut down, so we are not accepting any credit card payments. We hope to have exciting announcements soon.

A Real World Multimedia project, developed with the support of the MEDIA program of the European Union.

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What's interactive music?

Well.... have you ever lost yourself dancing in a club? Ever been so involved in a video game that all thought stopped? Played in a band? Have you ever sung in the shower?

To be honest, we're not totally sure what it is either but we know it's going to be amazing. We all react physically to music, and we want to capture that feeling, we want to make music that you can play with. We want to give you the feeling of being inside the music, the feeling you get when you're jamming with friends, dancing or playing a great video game. But until now, the technology to create these kinds of experiences hasn't existed.

So we built Noodle Heaven - it's a way for musicians and game designers to come together and create interactive music the way we've always wanted to, but never been able to. It's the first system we know of that allows artists to create interactive music tracks with full 3D graphics, hundreds of channels of audio and 100% accurate timing.

We already have some tracks available, based on the "sound field" design of our original Noodle program. They're hard to describe in words, but easy to play - so click here to watch a demo movie (Quicktime required), or even better, sign up now - it's free!

Once you've signed up for your account and installed the Noodle Player on your computer you'll be able to download and play Noodle Tracks straight away, and if you sign up today you can also download and play the Peter Gabriel track "The Tower that Ate People" absolutely free.

Soon we'll be releasing completely different kinds of tracks, and also opening up the platform to other developers and musicians who want to make their own tracks. Click here if you're interested in how it all works, and in what might be coming soon.